Extra Large Dog Breeds

There are many types of dog breeds. Each breeds having distinct features. However, curiosity does arrive of knowing which the extra large dog breeds are. Here are couples of dog breeds that are considered to be the largest in the world.

English Mastiff

Extra Large Dog BreedsEnglish Mastiff has been observed since early 19th century; hence sometimes it is called the Old English Mastiff. A modern English Mastiff was defined in 1880 onwards. Both the Old English Mastiff and English Mastiff are considered to be extra large dog breeds and possibly the largest dog breed. English Mastiff weighs around 120 to 200 pounds for females and 150 to 250 pounds in males. The height of the English Mastiff can reach 30 inches. Even though English Mastiff are huge, they are still considered to be gentle to the people it knows. English Mastiff can be considered a dog that plays the role of a protector and will bark every time it sees a threat. Despite being a protector the English Mastiff will rarely viciously attack someone. Hercules is the world record holder for the largest dog belonging to the same breed. Hercules weighs 282 pounds.

Great Dane

Great Dane is the tallest dog breed. Dogs belonging to this breed can have a height of anywhere
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around 30 to 40 inches. The Great Dane dogs have six shades of coats Fawn (Yellowish Golden Color along with black colored mask), Harlequin (White Color with uneven black colored territories), Brindle (tiger striped with fawn and black color), Pure Blue and Black, and Mantle (white with black blanket). The current world record holder for the tallest dog belongs to this breed named George. George is 43 inches tall.

PPets hold a very important place in our lives and having a dog as a pet is probably the best things in the world. So if you are planning to bring a breed your home, then you have a list of options in front of you and you would not have to spend a lot of time looking for information. Just make up your mind and see the wonderful experience of having a pet. There are stores online you can approach who would guide you in the right direction and would help you in making a good deal. So, are you up for it? So people looking for information on extra large dog breeds, hope this article would be of some help to them!